Elin & Majed

22 JUlI, 2023



What an idyllic weekend, a true midsummer night’s dream out on the beautiful island of Idöborg in the Stockholm archipelago. And the wonderful couple, Elin & Majed, two people who we instantly connected with and who invited us out on that island like we were family.


We arrived on Friday and were welcomed with open arms by everyone. It was almost as if we’d forgotten it was a work trip. Almost. If we’d totally forgotten we would probably have ended up in a very late-night sauna and woken up in the middle of the ceremony the next day.


The wedding day was nothing short of an explosion of joy and love. There was laughter, music and celebration everywhere from sunrise to sunset. It was also quite exhilarating to watch this mixture of cultures that reminded us that regardless of where we live in the world, regardless of distance, if we’re meant to be together, love will always find a way to connect us.  


With limitless gratitude to you Elin & Majed, for inviting us to participate on your big day and for the love and joy you radiate all around you. We feel fortunate to be able to call ourselves your friends. 

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